Our Tandem Bike

We just bought a tandem bike... cute, right? I'm totally not a gym person, so Ricky & I find ways to exercise outside that are free (like our hiking we mentioned the other day!). We each invested in a pair of rollerblades when we first moved here that we could use almost every night. It's something to do, we can explore our city, and it's exercise. The one time $75 rollerblades were well worth it. The first summer we had them, we rollerbladed at least three times a week, and we even use them in the winter. Now, we've purchased a bike! We had been renting a tandem bike at least twice a month to ride around the city. It cost $40 each time we rented but we purchased the bike above at JC Penny for $325. We only have to ride it 11 times to pay it off so you do the math! 

Here's a list of the things we do all four seasons - yes, even in the winter!

*Bike Riding
*Walking (If you run, that's good too!)
*One-time expense of kickboxing gloves for the rainy days

Find something that you like and go for it!