Travel In Your Own Backyard - Ours is NYC

So when we say "travel in your own backyard," we don't mean literally in your backyard... unless you have kids.. then you should totally get a tent and camp in your backyard. What we mean is explore the areas around you. Since we live in NYC, there's a ton to do in the area. The first summer that we lived here, we spent our Saturdays and Sundays traveling out to Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, etc. We got feedback from everyone we had met and took day trips all over the place. Day trips are a great way to hold off that itching travel bug for just a little longer until you can save up for a weekend away. As always - plan what you're going to do! Don't spend your day driving around aimlessly. Have a plan. We love a good hike in our area or exploring our neighborhood on bikes or rollerblades! Here are some of our favorite NYC day trips:

*Long Island - Montauk
*Fire Island (Long Island)
*Jones Beach (Concerts here in the summer!)
*Rockaway Beach (Long Island)
*Coney Island (Long Island)
*City Island (Bronx)
*Flushing Meadows (Queens)
*Take the FREE Staten Island Ferry!
*East River Ferry
*Rollerblade down the Hudson River Parkway
*Bike across the George Washington Bridge

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