24 Hours Trip Are Not Worth It

On my morning walk today I couldn't help but think about being anywhere but in this crazy NYC cold front. This weather even had us dreaming about Miami... And Miami was one of our total finance fails. 

Last June we flew down to Florida... for a 24-hour trip. We did this for a friend's birthday and while we love & adore this friend, we will certainly not be taking any more 24-hour trips that include a flight. ("Sorry girl!") This was completely financially irresponsible for us. We spent about $250 on round trip flights and then of course had to spend another $150 on a hotel room (which was the cheapest we could find with our Groupon deals). After a car rental, meals, and extra sunscreen, we ended up spending around $600 for 8 hours devoted to a beach, 3 hours spent at a restaurant, and the rest of those hours in a hotel. In the end, it just wasn't a smart move for us and you have to be comfortable telling your friends that you just can't make some things work out. 

Here's a summary of our trip - 3 AM we took a shuttle to the Newark Airport. Welp, guess what. Our flight was out of JFK in Queens... So we had to ask our shuttle driver to get us to JFK as fast as he could. And of course he charged us $100 to do it. Money down the drain from the start. The flight was excellent and the beginnings of Miami was all right, even though it was a million degrees there and we were sweating profusely from the moment we stepped off the plane. On the way back, our flight was delayed by 5 or 6 hours and we ended up sitting in the airport for nearly 8 hours. Needless to say, Miami didn't leave many positive memories.  

*But, Ricky & I did end up doing an Everglades tour that was worth it and a lot of fun! (Pics below)

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