Our Second Annual Tropical Trip

Costa Rica was definitely our best trip yet. Beyond traveling with wonderful people, the Costa Rican people were incredibly friendly, and their country is beautiful. We ended up playing basketball with the locals and felt safe walking around, trying to learn how to speak Spanish. We did many fun activities but still found time to relax. Of course, we did some digging to find the best tours at the best prices and went grocery shopping as soon as our flight landed! Grocery shopping and our Airbnb were our money savers on this trip and left us room to do a few additional activities. We also kept track of our flights on Hopper and bought them when they were expected to be the lowest price. 

These are the excursions we ended up doing:

  • Zip Lining & Water Tubing with Blue River Resorts - If you do more than one tour, they offer discounted prices so be sure to ask! We flew into Liberia and stayed in the Playa Hermosa area, so this was definitely a long drive to get to Blue River, but it was worth it. We all enjoyed the Ziplining and had the time of our lives Water Tubing - but be sure to strap your helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads on tight because Ricky did go under a few times! Our tour guides were incredible and watched out for us the whole time. 
  • ATV Tour and Sunset Cruise with ATV Tamarindo - Again, awesome tour guides. During the ATV tour, Gabriella, our tour guide, took pictures of our group to share with us which was great. The cruise was the perfect way to end our Costa Rica trip. We got to jump off and snorkel, paddle board, swim, etc. and they fed us on the way back. The sunset was unforgettable. Tamarindo was a great touristy place that was overflowing with culture. We spent the evening hanging out here wishing we had more time. We would recommend staying here for a couple of days to explore. ATV Tamarindo also had volcano tours and a few other fun activities that we'd love to do the next time we visit during the rainy season.

Tips on saving:

  1. Comfort at night - Rent an Airbnb versus a hotel. You can save a few hundred while gaining tons of privacy. Our Airbnb came with a kitchen and large fridge to store groceries, drinks and even leftovers if you decide to get take out for a few meals.
  2. Be a chef in a different country - Just like anywhere else cooking your meals versus eating out will always save you tons of cash. Think of it this way, If you go on vacation and eat breakfast every morning, you might end up spending $10-$20 a plate compared to buying eggs, cheese, bread, peppers, and juice probably for $12 which will feed a group of four people for two days. $80 verse $12, you choose.
  3. Pack what you already have - Don't buy new clothes because they will get ruined, especially if you do excursions. Ricky and his friend learned that the hard way. At the beach, everything will get sandy, and in the rainforest, everything will get wet & muddy. Oh, and if you go ATVing, you will get covered in dirt so don't wear anything nice. Just clean out your current closet and bring what you already have. Plus everyone going to be having to much fun that they won't even notice.

As I'm sure you can see, we are active people. If you aren't, then rent an Airbnb with a pool and plop your behind at the pool or even at the beach and just ENJOY the amazing country. Costa Rica is seriously for everyone. 

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