Niagara Falls

Alright guys, while Niagara Falls is a must see once in your lifetime, it's not a must spend five days here type of trip... or even three for that matter. Last year, we did a weekend trip to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and after we saw the falls, we were at a loss for what to do. We did, however, stop on our drive for an overnight stay at Letchworth State Park which we loved and would return hopefully soon again. If you do end up going to see the famous Niagara falls, here are a few tips:

1. Super Touristy - The prices are much too high for everything there and every restaurant is a chain and far more expensive than what it's worth. We strongly recommend, find a hotel or Airbnb with a kitchen and cook your own food. Otherwise, you'll end up spending a fortune to feed yourself. During this trip, we ended up finding a pretty good Sheraton Hotel Groupon deal online, but if we knew all the things we do now about traveling and Airbnb, there's a good chance we probably would have just done that instead.

2. Child's Play Land - Activities are definitely more for kids. There wasn't much for us to do there besides swimming at the hotel, a movie at the theaters, grabbing a few drinks at a local bar/restaurant, or literally just souvenir shop. We ended up playing a few holes at miniature golf where Annie cheated her way to a victory. We also ended up taking the Niagara fall ferry to get an up close and personal water fall experience that we recommend anyone visiting to do. There is so little for adults to do here that you are a bit forced to spend money where you normally wouldn't. Beware of this trap! Stick to your routine of researching activities before booking. Annie had been to Niagara Falls before with her family and knew of the boat ride which was our only real plan for the weekend, but if you plan to vacation in this area, do some research and find out what else you can do. Or wait until you have children and go with them some day (with a lot of money saved up because they're going to want to do all of the kid activities!)

3. Letchworth State Park Detour - If you're driving up north to Canada on the east coast, we strongly recommend exploring Letchworth State Park. The park was beautiful and they had a number of outdoor, fun activities to do. We wished we had more time here to check out the water rafting, horse back riding, camping, kayaking, canoeing and more. This is a definite vacation spot if you enjoy being outdoors! And you could totally spend five days here!  

Unfortunately for us, our list stops at three but if you have any recommendation for us to do near Niagara Falls next time we happen to go, please let us know because we will be more than happy to explore that area again. Plus it gives us a good reason to fully explore Letchworth State Park as well.