Honey and Couponing

How many of you spend way too much time searching for coupons when shopping online? Trying every single code you find on RetailMeNot.com? Because we all know we aren't paying full price while we fulfill our online shopping addiction ;) Well thankfully, someone has created honey. It's this website that you download to be on your browser that will automatically search for coupons & discounts when you're finalizing your shopping cart. Originally, I thought this would just be finding the deals that I normally search for but recently, I got an email from Honey saying that I had cash back deals. Every time Honey can't find a coupon, it asks you if you want the Cash deal which is 1-10% back. I always pressed the button but never knew what it was actually doing. Well, I was gaining points each time I hit the button and when I reached over 6,000 points, they gave me $60 in Amazon gift cards! Bottom line, this is so worth it if you are an online shopper. Get this onto your browser ASAP!

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