Extra Income

Ricky & I both have little side jobs and the money we make from those go right into what we call our Travel Fund. Both of us have had jobs since age 13/14. I've always been a babysitter and ran my own little babysitting company from age 13 straight through college. When I got a full-time job, I tried to continue babysitting on the side and now in NYC, I've picked up a morning babysitting gig. Every morning I walk a kid in my neighborhood to school and make an extra $100/week. This is such an easy thing to do to make a little extra money. Since I work in the entertainment industry, I can't really pick up weeknight or weekend babysitting jobs but I do keep an eye out on Sittercity for one time babysitting jobs when I have the rare night off. If you've got the experience, think about picking up a couple babysitting jobs for the extra cash. It's totally worth it! 

Ricky has done a couple things for his side hustle but his most recent is his most passionate one. He grew up working in the construction/carpentry industry and is now an Engineer but in his free time, he designs beds and headboards. He built ours and we're both obsessed with it. Because we have a studio, space is limited but he created this bed frame that has ample storage for our shoes, clothes, extra blankets, seasonal items, etc. Pictures below (that middle piece comes out and is 6'x2' by the way!). Our headboard was a bit more of a challenge for Ricky but thankfully he loves a challenge. I picked out the shape & fabric and he created it. Both are made completely out of pallets so of course that also makes us those weirdos that pick up a piece of the pallet at a construction site in NYC whenever we see one. *One man's pallet is actually another tree being kept alive* - Ricky. So, if you're interested in a bed (or a headboard), let us know. Keep in mind that our bed was the prototype so the finished product is much better now. We're currently figuring out how to best ship these but if you're in NYC then install is easy for us! :)

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