An Insight into Annie's Finances

So we've talked a lot about saving money and now I'm going to give you a little insight on how I organize my money! I was very fortunate and my parents started a bank account for me when I was a kid. When I started babysitting at age 13, the money I was saving went straight into that bank account. I ended up using that money to move to NYC after college (less than a year at my first real job). When I was able, I replenished some of the money in that Savings Account but for the most part, whatever is in that bank account is something I don't touch. I don't add anything to it, or take anything out. It's just gaining interest and it's my safety net.

These are the accounts that I actively use:

I have one bank account that has a "Checking" account and a "Savings" account. I've got a Debit Card connected to my Checking account and I have a Credit Card connected to this bank account. For the most part, I only use my credit card because I get percentages back on all of my purchases. But I NEVER spend money on either card unless I have that money in my Checking Account. I log into my bank website at least twice a week and transfer money from my Checking Account to pay off my Credit Card bill. My Savings Account is what I call my "Travel Fund". This is where I set aside the money that I'll need for upcoming trips. Because I don't gain interest on this savings account, I don't keep more in it than I feel necessary. 

My second bank account is with a bank that invests my money and I gain interest on it. Bi-weekly, a portion of my paycheck goes into this bank account. Some weeks, it's a larger sum than others but I ALWAYS put money into this account. I don't touch the money in this account, it's for my future but I'm able to withdraw if I ever needed to. This is strictly an account to put savings into that will gain interest.

Last, I have a 401k with my employer. Same as my Investment Savings Account, a certain portion of each paycheck goes into this account. For this account, I chose an amount rather than a percentage so each paycheck, the same amount of money goes straight into my 401k. This is a great move because I never see that money, it's automatically put into savings. I know when people see the money in their spending account, they have a harder time actually putting it into their savings so when money can be sent directly to savings, it's always helpful. if you have the opportunity to set up a 401k with your employer, it's a great move. Most employers will match a certain percentage of what you put into it. Start this as early as you can so you can build up for your future retirement. 

How do you separate your accounts?

If you have any questions or would like the budget spreadsheet we use to keep track of our expenses & savings, please reach out! Feel free to write us an email at or comment below! 

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