Our most recent "Financial Health" Blogs

Best List of Free Date Ideas

There's no need to spend an arm & a leg on date night! Check out our favorite free (or almost free) things to do!

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Holiday Gift Guide.png

Holiday Gift Guide on a Budget!

Wondering what to get family & friends for the holidays? We've got the best list!

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Insight on Annie's Budget

We've talked a lot about how to save money but now we're going to give you an insight on Annie's budget! 

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Stick with your Budget

During our blogs, we talk about "sticking with a budget" but never actually talked about understanding your budget, until now.

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Honey & Couponing

How many of you spend way too much time searching for coupons when shopping online? Trying every single code you find on RetailMeNot.com? 

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This one is totally basic folks. Buy groceries - not take out! When I first moved to NYC, I discovered that they can deliver anything in this city.

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Extra Income

We both have side jobs and the money we make from those go right into what we call our "Travel Fund." 

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Life in the Big City

People are never able to understand how we can afford to live in Manhattan, but anyone can make it work. 

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To Tax or Not to Tax

Thinking about saving for retirement with a 401k account but don't know whether you should do a "Roth IRA" or "Traditional IRA"? 

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