All The Trendy Sites

I'm an Online Shopper. I'll admit it. And I "window shop" on my favorite websites literally all the time. Living in NYC, I feel like I've always got to be up on the new fashions (and I've always been like that anyway) but I've also got to stay within my budget. I've narrowed my online shopping down to a few of my favorites for you guys:

Tobi is my absolute favorite - they've always got a sale & I don't buy unless it's a sale day.

I also really like Lookbook Store but sometimes the fabric or fit is just not right. This one is a total Pinterest store and some of the clothes come from China so just be aware of the fabrics and what you're buying. I've definitely got some cute pieces from this one (pics below!). 

Asos is another good one but again, beware of the fabrics! (And this one has men's clothes too)

My most recent favorite is ShowPo. I just purchased a super cute two piece dress here and can't wait to wear it this summer. This place is based out of Australia and the prices are reasonable for the trendy clothes. 

Some of my favorite buys below!

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