Fab Fit Fun

FabFitFun boxes are all over Pinterest, so I finally decided to go for it and make the purchase. (And as of July 20, 2017, we're partners with #fabfitfun #fabfitfunpartner !!) First of all, getting a box in the mail full of goodies is really exciting and totally brightens up your day. Second, the items in the box are useful. If you're into trying makeup or different beauty items this is definitely the thing for you! It's also a great gift for your girlfriends. If there are things that you aren't interested in, pass them to your friends who will get good use of them! Everything is full size and the box is worth much more than you pay for it. The first month is $39 and then it's $49/box after that. For my spring box, the items were worth up to $374 and I only paid $39 for them. Definitely worth the buy.

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