Yes, I Bought My Dress From Ebay

Last winter I fell in love with this black dress from Express and bought it (when they had a sale of course). I loved it so much that this winter, I wanted it in the other colors that they had but didn't want to spend nearly $70. I searched for it all over the internet and found this woman on eBay who sells new Express items for half the price. No clue where this lady gets these items but I bought the dress in three other colors (green, red & taupe) and I'm obsessed with it. The quality was genuinely brand new and in perfect condition on all three of my new dresses. So here's my lesson for the day - it feels totally weird to buy clothes on eBay, but it's actually pretty great. Check out some of those sellers (but make sure you read reviews before buying). Amazon is my next clothing stop; I'll keep y'all posted!

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