Outlet Shopping

Recently, a woman at work told me she aspires to dress like me someday. I definitely blushed because that's super sweet of her and then told her it was all from outlet shopping. Outlet shopping is our favorite. I would never shop at Banana Republic because of the expensive price tag but the Banana Republic Outlet Store is half the price and more times than not, has way better clothing options too! 

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amazon buy 1.png

amazon fashion buys

I finally did it folks! I bought an article of clothing off of Amazon.

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fab fit fun

FabFitFun boxes are all over Pinterest so I finally decided to go for it and make the purchase.

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yes, I bought my dress from ebay

Last winter I fell in love with this black dress from Express and bought it (when they had a sale of course).

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closets 2.jpg

clean those closet

We hear it all the time - shop your own closet before you shop elsewhere. And it's true! 

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All the trendy sites

I'm an Online Shopper. I'll admit it. And I "window shop" on my favorite websites literally all the time. 

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Wet Suits2.jpg

fashion wetsuits on a budget?

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