Outlet Shopping

Recently, a woman at work told me she aspires to dress like me someday. I definitely blushed because that's super sweet of her and then told her it was all from outlet shopping. Outlet shopping is our favorite. I would never shop at the Banana Republic because of the expensive price tag but the Banana Republic Outlet Store is half the price and more times than not, has way better clothing options too! I buy most of my work dresses at Banana Republic Factory Outlet store and they've got cute skirts too. Ricky buys his sweaters and button downs at the BR outlet as well. He's got super long arms and he's always able to find something that fits him there (we have to make sure we dry clean all of his tops so they don't shrink). He also has very long legs which makes it difficult to find work pants and jeans his size but we recently discovered Levi's outlet has a lot of options for him at an affordable price. Our other two favorites where we have been finding great workout clothing deals are the Reebok Outlet store and Nike Outlet store. Outlet Malls also have Express Outlets (praising emoji!), Wilson Leather Outlet (bought a super cute winter coat here, a leather coat, and one of my favorite purses), Armani Outlets (bought one dress here for $20 that I love but haven't bought anything else there yet), and a ton of other great stores. We do all of our shopping at outlets.. or at our other favorite, H&M! And nothing beats a long day of shopping then some delicious ice cream at the Outlet Stores!

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