Our First International Trip

Cancun was one of our best trips yet. It was our first time out of the country (Canada not included) and it was quite the experience. Ricky's company has a program set up for all of their employees where you can book hotels, cars, activities, and more. So this right here is a life tip - Check with your employer and see if they also have these benefits! Some companies give their employees discounts to movie theaters, bowling allies, and other such things. It's pretty neat! So, for this Cancun trip, we utilized his company discount for the car rental which was super helpful.

We also booked an all inclusive hotel. Here are our tips on the all inclusive business:

  1. Hit up the liquor store - buy alcohol at a local liquor store because the all inclusive drinks at the hotels and resorts are sugar water and nothing more.
  2. Limited food options - If you're a picky eater or vegetarian, choices are limited. There were some nights when I had to ask our waiter to cook me up a simple pasta  & red sauce or I would just eat desert the whole day. 
  3. Become friendly with your hosts - The people working at the hotel will hook you up with good deals to head out on the town but they'll also make your stay at the hotel a lot more fun. They're usually kind of funny people and they can't wait to make you laugh.

Ricky's Point of View: 
Cancun was a lot of fun and I recommend it to anyone and everyone but there were a few things I would like to just warn you about beforehand. In the main tourist hotel location, you will notice all the police driving around and at first glance, you will think they are there to have your best interest at heart and serve and protect. Well, let's just say if you have a car rental during your trip, please listen to us and your hotel concierge(s) when driving outside the hotel area because the police will gladly pull you over and bribe you into a pay day. They pulled us over for driving 55 KMPH in a 55 KMPH road and took my license for speeding. But of course, the "KIND" officer gave us a deal to either go to Mexico court in 5 days or we can pay him and the other three guys in his squad car. Oh, and $40 is totally not enough because $40 per officer is the deal. Since you're reading this blog on "managing money" I'm sure you can do the math.

We were actually on our way to explore some Cenotes before running into the police. If you don't know what a Cenote is, it's basically an underwater cave that mother nature shares with us, and it was one of the coolest experiences I've personally ever had. Now the direction to the Cenotes was difficult at first, but it was well worth the headache. At first glance, the water in the cave was pitch black and looked swampy but once you get the courage to jump in you will discover that it's actually super clean warm and beautiful royal blue. It took me forever to get the guts to jump but Annie was so upset about the police officers, she wasn't going to let it ruin her day and she jumped right in. Now when we arrived, there was no one around to show us the privately owned Cenotes, but we didn't care and just made ourselves at home, but we wish there were someone to warn us about the underwater cave being full of BATS. Luckily, bats aren't crazy and didn't attack us but the girls wanted to get out soon after and with my offensive swimming skills, I wasn't complaining. 

Myan ruins is a must see when visiting and we highly recommend spending the extra cash for the full boat tour as well with the snorkeling package. That's also when I found out that I can't swim without flippers and a life jacket, but luckily they supplied all of that. If swimming isn't your thing then stay on the land and explore the historic ruins with tons of ruins to walk and iguanas roaming the area. 

Overall, Cancun was an unforgettable trip and a "must in a lifetime" experience you need to enjoy.

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