At Home Brunch

We all LOVE a good weekend brunch date with our friends, but why not do it at home for a fraction of the price?! Sure, you can splurge on the rooftop brunch every once and awhile, but you can also have fun with a Pinterest DIY brunch at home.
Here's our Menu & what you can plan on spending:


Waffles & Pancakes: 

  • Our Tips: A basic waffle mix and you can add anything into it! We usually add blueberries, coconut, or chocolate chips! Waffle mix costs about $2.50 and it lasts quite a long time! The other ingredients are about $20 and you may even have some things in your cabinets already!


  • Our Tips: Make it simple - choose one type of egg and that's what all of your guests get (like scrambled eggs). You'll spend $2-$3 (or less) on a carton of 12 eggs.

Fruit Salad: 

  • Our Tips: Buy the actual fruits & cut if yourself. We know it's time consuming but it's much cheaper! Buy just enough for the number of people that are coming and no more! Cost will depend on the number of people coming but shouldn't be more than $15. 


  • If you have the time or extra cash, you can always whip up some muffins (or mini muffins!), quiche, banana bread, or something of that sort! 


  • Our Tips: There's really no need to spend more than $20-$25 on a bottle of champagne. it's getting mixed with OJ, don't worry about it! You can also always ask your friends to bring this item and you'll provide the orange juice. Since you'll be doing the cooking and providing the other food items, it's totally acceptable to suggest your friends bring the champagne for brunch!