Amazon Fashion Buy

I finally did it, folks! I bought an article of clothing off of Amazon. Everyone is wearing them these days - the leather leggings. The most popular brand seems to be the Spanx leather leggings. Well, these are about $95 out of my price range. So I went for a brand on Amazon instead for about $90 less. But of course, I couldn't stop there. I bought a super cute winter to spring jacket as well. I've been looking for a brown coat, and they're all around $125 which I wasn't willing to spend. I've already got two winter coats (a red Jessica Simpson that I'm in love with that I got on Overstock two years ago and a gray one that I got from the Wilson Leather Outlet store a year ago) but I needed one that could transition to spring weather on those iffy days. This Amazon coat was NOT the perfect buy. It was $25, and it felt like it. The fabric was very poor and ended up leaving fuzz all over the pants I wore that day. Here's my life tip - sometimes you need to spend the extra money on a classic piece for better quality. Trendy items are perfect buys on Amazon or other trendy sites but items that you hope to wear often or for a long time, spend the extra money. It'll be worth it!

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